About Me

This is me. And this blog is a chronicle of my culinary adventures.

Why Soup and Dessert? Because if I had to pick an ideal meal I would start with a big bowl of soup and end it with a dessert. Soups for me symbolize healthy eating. I try to keep mine simple, easy to make and good for you with lots of fresh vegetables and lentils. Desserts on the other hand are the occasional treat. I enjoy making them as much as I enjoy eating them. In case you are wondering, I do make other stuff too. 

I grew up in the beautiful city of Bombay and a lot of my cooking is influenced by the vibrant and spicy flavors of the city. Most of the recipes here are my attempts at recreating memorable meals I have had or I would like to have.

But cooking and writing is only half of this blog. The other half which is the picture taking and making it all beautiful is done by my husband, Aditya. Turns out he is quite good at it too. So that makes this blog a combined adventure for both of us. And we are really enjoying it so far. Hope you enjoy it too.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, requests or anything to say, feel free to contact me at soupanddessert@gmail.com. Thanks for dropping by!