Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vanilla Chocolate Swirl cake

As you may know by now I quite like desserts. And cakes definitely feature quite high on my desserts list. I am not sure if its the actual end product or the baking process (which envelopes your house in this warm sugary aroma) which I like more. I find there is something infinitely therapeutic about mixing together a cake batter. The company of sugar, butter and vanilla essence can make anyone happy, don't you think? Add chocolate to the mix and you have quite a party.

So baking this vanilla chocolate swirl cake made me quite happy on a recent day off. I had been drooling over several swirl cake recipes from a few of my favorite blogs and had them bookmarked as must tries. I finally decided to try this one especially because it had room for addition of nuts. The original recipe called for pistachios and pistachio paste. I didn't have any of the paste so I skipped that and I used chopped hazelnuts instead of the pistachios. The hazelnuts substitution was well thought out in an attempt to recreate the gooey chocolatey heaven presented by a Ferrero-Rocher. And it didn't disappoint!

I am sending this as an entry to the Cakes and Cookies event hosted at this beautiful Indian food blog, Spices Etc.

Recipe from 101cookbooks and edited:
(I skipped the ganache from the original recipe but I am sure it will be lovely on this cake)

270 g (2 C) flour
2 tsp baking powder (1 envelope)
1 tsp baking soda
150 g (2/3 C) butter, at room temperature
300 g (1 1/4 C) white sugar
4 eggs
1 1/2 C (3 x 125 ml) plain yogurt
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
60 g (1/3 C) chocolate chips
60 g (1/3 C) shelled hazelnuts chopped

- Preheat your oven to 180C (360F). Grease a 25cm (10-inch) cake pan, preferably non-stick.
- Prepare the chocolate batter. In a food processor, mix together half of the sugar and half of the butter and beat until fluffy. Add in two of the eggs, one at a time mixing between each. Add in half of the yogurts and all the vanilla extract, mix again.
- In a medium bowl, combine half of the flour with half of the baking powder, half of the baking soda and all the cocoa powder.
- Add the flour mixture into the food processor and mix again until just combined. Add half the chocolate chips and mix well.
- Pour the batter into the cake pan, and reserve in the refrigerator.
- Rinse the bowl of the food processor and prepare the vanilla batter by mixing together the rest of the sugar and butter. Add in the last two eggs, one at a time mixing in between. Add the rest of the yogurt and mix again.
- In a medium bowl, combine remainder of the flour with the remainder of the baking powder and the baking soda. Add this to the sugar mixture and mix until just combined.
- Take the cake pan out of the fridge and sprinkle the rest of the chocolate chips and the chopped hazelnuts on top of the chocolate batter.
- Gently pour the vanilla batter on top and smooth out the surface with a spatula.
- Put into the over to bake for about an hour or until a cake tester comes out clean. Let rest for five minutes on the counter in pan. Then turn it out onto a rack to cool completely.


  1. oh my, the chocolate swirl cake looks delicious and a very nice click!

  2. this looks soo soft and spongy. yum! thanks for sharing.

  3. Yep, there sure is no company like sugar, vanilla, butter and chocolate! Your vanilla chocolate cake has me in an absolute swirl, Radhika!! I so wish that fork was in my hand, about to land in my mouth!!
    Since I too love a good binge of Ferrero-Rocher, I really like your substitution of hazelnuts instead of pistachios ... chocolate in the company of hazelnut, just transforms into this goddess , don't you think?

  4. Thanks Sheetal! I agree, hazelnut and chocolate together equals bliss!

  5. what a the click..and love the sift and yummy cake..

  6. beautiful click radhika,u got a very lovely blog as well..cake looks very nice and yum

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