Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Cookies come to life!

Ever since I first came across the Drop In and Decorate idea on Lydia's blog, I was really excited about baking and decorating all these cookies. I had set a goal of something between 150 and 200 cookies and at no point in time did I ever think of it as an impossible number. ...Till this Friday night when I actually started baking the cookies. I had never baked sugar cookies or any cookies for that matter from scratch. So when I saw all the ingredients laid out in front of me and the number I had to reach I was quite intimidated. But thanks to my wonderful husband and equally wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer, I ended up baking a whopping 170 cookies! And also made some icing for decorating the cookies.

For both the cookies and the icing I used Lydia's recipes from the Drop In & Decorate website.

For the colors I chose a 4-pack of pastels which seemed like a really good choice till we started decorating the cookies and they looked a lot like they were being made for a baby shower :) Oh well. I did have some red sparkling gel and sprinkles to add some holiday cheer! For the decorations I had some very enthusiastic friends over who did a wonderful job decorating all these cookies! Thank you ladies :)

We left the cookies to dry overnight and took them over to the Ronald McDonald House in Durham today who were very happy to receive them. It was a kind of dreary day here and it definitely brightened up when we carried these cheerful cookies there!

Thanks and many kudos to Lydia for coming up with this great idea. Also special thanks for the fail proof recipe for the sugar cookies and icing. They were so easy to follow especially for a novice baker like me!

Here is all of us.


  1. You are rock stars! What a wonderful event, and I can only imagine the smiles on the faces of the kids and families at Ronald McDonald House. Thanks so much to all -- I hope this is the first of many cookies-for-donation parties you'll all have together.

  2. I had a lot of fun decorating the cookies.. and kudos for you for making all the cookies and icing from scratch !

  3. I tasted some of the cookies...they were yummmy! I'm glad you didn't use the 'cut and bake' cookies..Making them from scratch was very very thoughtful:-)

  4. Lydia, Thanks! We had a great time.

    Jyotsna, Thanks for coming! It was fun :)

    Vandana, Thanks, I am glad you liked them! We missed you :)

  5. Thank you Radhika. I had a wonderful time. The cookies were yummy.
    - Xin

  6. I love the pastel colors. Thanks, Radhika, for hosting a Drop In event. Great cookies.

  7. Congratulations for being a first time baker and decorator! Drop In & Decorate is one of my favorite things to do.

  8. Wonderful job on your first Drop In & Decorate event. I know the recipients must have been so pleased!!