Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A very simple vegetable soup

I also call this Mommy B soup, dedicated to my mum who came up with this recipe. It is the simplest soup to make and it has an instant wellness feeling associated with it. While growing up ,my mum made it for me and my sister when we were sick or we had an exam or any occasion which needed some amount of comforting. And it never failed. Today I made it for A, who is a bit under weather with a sore throat. I can't say it cured him completely but it did make me feel a lot better :)

While making this soup you can be creative and use whatever vegetables you have on hand. The recipe I have below has the combination I use most frequently. The nice part about this soup is its packed with everything thats good for you and is pretty much fat-free.

This is my entry no. 6 for the Recipe Marathon on One Hot Stove. I can't believe that this marathon ends tomorrow, I have had a lot of fun blogging every day and also reading what the other runners are cooking up.

- 2 medium size beets
- 2 carrots
- 1 large tomato
- 2 small potatoes
- 2 garlic cloves
- 7 peppercorns
- 1 tablespoon yellow moong dal (optional)

- Peel beets, carrots and potatoes and chop them into chunks.
- Also chop the tomato into chunks.
- Combine all the vegetables with garlic, peppercorns and moong dal in a pressure cooker and cover with just enough water.
- Pressure cook till all the vegetables are soft.
- Blend into a puree and reheat with salt (to taste) and more pepper if required.
- Serve with some hot buttered toast.

Makes 4 side servings.


  1. Sounds perfect for a wintry, working night!

  2. Wow ! Your soup looks RED and delicious

  3. Your soup looks amazing and tempting.

  4. grabs the attention with this vibrant shade of red!

    Wishing you all a very happy new year :)

  5. Oh, the delicious-red of that soup!! Makes me want to lick that bowl clean!!! It's so similar to what my mum makes from tomatoes and beets too ... just be-au-ti-fulll!

    Wish you a very happy new year, Radhika! Wish you the very best, and a year full of many more heart-warming recipes and stories from your blog to mine!!

  6. I made something similar for my son today as he's under the weather too.. I added some broken spaghetti to give some bulk. Bulk your bright rouge color is making me want to make some more..
    Wish you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

  7. Thanks everyone! Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  8. I tried out this soup and I love it. I am doing a soup-for-dinner thingy this week, so would love to hear the other veggie combinations you make this soup with. Please do share!! And great recipes!

  9. Hi Sri, This is combination I use the most. I know my Mum has put doodhi, spinach in it along with these. Hope this helps!